Alpan Orthodontics COVID-19 Guidelines


The purpose of creating guidelines is to outline a clear path of service for our future. Customer service, quality & maintaining high infection control standards are the building blocks of our practice. As we reopen to the public our adherence to these guidelines need to be shared & understood by everyone. As a team we need to ensure that Alpan Orthodontics is incorporating these new procedural changes to assure our Team & patient’s are as safe as possible. The following guidelines shall apply to all employees of Alpan Orthodontics & patient’s while on the premises at all times. Our goal is to keep each of our team members & patient’s safe.

COVID-19 Guidelines For Reopening:

All patient’s and team members will be pre-screened prior to entering our facility by phone, text or email. All patient’s will be asked to wait in the parking lot in their car & we will invite them in at the appropriate time. We are limiting our office to only active patient’s at this time. We will accept a responsible party if they request it.

Upon entering our facility all patient’s, team members & responsible parent must wash their hands for at least 20 seconds under running water with soap. If they choose to use hand sanitizer, we are providing it with a concentration of at least 60% ethanol. All sanitizers will be provided to all patient’s, team members & family.

Any person who is not a patient of record will be asked to wait outside to adhere to the states social distancing / gathering rules. We will treat everyone as if they have COVID-19 & follow Universal Precautions at all times.

Masks shall be worn at all times for all team members, patient’s & family. The only exception is for eating or drinking. Masks will be provided. All patient’s shall adhere to social distancing by maintaining a 6 feet distance upon check in, waiting or check out.

Back office team members must utilize the proper recommended PPE: Gowns, gloves, eye protection (face shield or glasses) while working on patient’s. N95 masks will be worn under your Alpan Orthodontics or level 1 mask. When not working on patient’s a mask must still be worn in the office at all times. Front office team members will also wear a mask full time. Our goal is to minimize the spread of the Corona virus!

Body temperature will be taken for all team members, patients & family upon entering our facilities & will be logged in our new COVID – 19 Log form. All employees will be required to take their temperature at the end of the day as well and log it on the form. Anyone with a temperature over 99 degrees will be asked to reschedule their appt or go home until there is no more fever. Any team member, patient or parent that has active signs & symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to leave immediately.

On completion of all Orthodontic procedures back office team members will adhere to the already in place strict disinfecting & sterilizing procedures. All surfaces as well as dental equipment will be completely disinfected & instruments will be completely sterilized between each patient.

Front office employees will regularly disinfect all front counters, work areas & reception area. The back office will regularly disinfect the equipment, chairs, & counters throughout the work day.

For any patient’s needing bonding we will have the pt rinse with peridex for 20 seconds prior to the start of the procedure. We will use N95 masks & High speed suction during the use of the high speed. We will purposely try to use the minimum speed to reduce the aerosol generated.

Everyone that comes to our office has a role to play in helping to keep us all safe & healthy. We are proud to be part of the Alpan Orthodontic Team and we will continue to help protect our team members & patient’s from COVID-19. We will gladly share the processes pertaining to sterilizing instruments, cleaning, disinfecting surfaces, and infection prevention. All patient’s are required to print, read & sign the Guidelines.  We are now offering Virtual Exams for new patients and Virtual Appointment for existing patients.

Thank you all for helping our patient’s, team members & family stay strong & safe!