Beverly Hills Orthodontist

Welcome to Alpan Orthodontics, our Beverly Hills Orthodontic practice. Dr. Alpan is a private practice orthodontist specializing in creating beautiful smiles, balanced facial proportions, and healthy bites while considering the effects of growth and ageing. Alpan Orthodontics is proud to offer the highest quality treatment options available to our patients, without forgetting about good old fashion tender loving care. Dr. Alpan believes in only offering the latest technology with the highest standards available. Since Dr. Alpan is a proud father of two, he believes in treating his patients as if he was treating his own family.

AO has a family tradition of enhancing smiles over 3 generations of Dr. Alpan’s practicing in Beverly Hills. Our patients enjoy viewing their end result prior to ever starting treatment with our 3D Digital simulation Software. With the use of 3D Imaging we can create a final visual plan we are all excited to achieve. Dr. Alpan says, “Not all smiles are created equally or with a visual plan from the start.” 3D digital software allows for careful preparation and planning on the front end, so overall treatment and discomfort is reduced on the back end. Dr. Alpan offers Accelerated Orthodontics to help achieve your enhanced smile design as quickly and safely as possible. AO is focused on creating excellent results which lasts a lifetime. If your smile is not becoming to you, then you should be coming to AO!

Our Mission

Alpan Orthodontics is committed to utilizing the latest innovations to create beautiful smiles while working together as a team to make a difference in our patient’s lives.