Woodland Hills Orthodontist

Transform Your Smile with Cutting-Edge Clear Aligners

Are you thinking that it is time for you or your child to be evaluated for braces treatment? Then we want to be the ones you turn to. Here at Alpan Orthodontics in Woodland Hills, we offer treatment that is based in best practices, utilizes the latest technology, and is tailored to the needs of each patient. Our goal is to have every patient smiling both throughout treatment and when it is done.

Treating Patients of Any Age

We know how much a good smile means to people. That is why we got into orthodontics: improving smiles changes lives. And there is no age limit on who can benefit from these treatment. We start working with patients as young as seven and there is no upper age limit on treatment. Our team knows how to meet the unique needs of patients at any age.

Treatment That Works for You

For many patients in need of treatment, there are roadblocks standing in their way. This can be anything from worries about treatment methods to struggles with paying for care. Our team strives to remove these roadblocks for every patients. This means we use digital impressions rather than molds, have many types of braces on offer, and have multiple payment methods that patients can choose from. We tailor everything to your needs, ensuring that you can comfortably access treatment.

If you reside in Woodland Hills and want to find out how we can tailor treatment to your needs, schedule a consultation.