Insurance & Financing Information

We offer payment options based on what works for you. Our fee is agreed upon at the start of treatment and the finance options are your choice:

  1. Payment in full is the preferred option and we offer a small % discount for this choice.
  2. Financing orthodontic treatment with us is usually spread out over the treatment time or less. We offer in house financing with no interest charges, if payments are received on the date agreed. If payments are late we apply finance charges and late fee charges.
  3. Third Party Financing is offered by different companies with a range of rates. The payment can be the length of treatment or longer. We are happy to help assist you with this process. Usually a co-signer is recommended to increase your chances of receiving the financing. Please inquire when scheduling your first appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you tell us the name of your insurance company and their phone number, we will call on your behalf, with your permission, to find out if you are covered for orthodontic treatment.

It depends on your insurance provider. Upon giving us the name and number of your insurance company, will call on your behalf, with your permission, to find out if you are covered for TMJ/TMD treatment.

When we call your insurance company, your insurance company will let us know how much of your orthodontic treatment or TMJ/TMD treatment will be covered. We will then know how much of the treatment cost will be your responsibility. Our treatment coordinator will set up a payment schedule with you that fits your needs.

Medi-Cal may possibly pay for orthodontic treatment between the ages 12 – 18.

When you come in for your first appointment, we will use Medi-Cal’s HLD form that enables us to determine if Medi-Cal would consider paying for your treatment. If you do meet their criteria, we will submit your diagnosis and treatment plan to Medi-Cal for pre-authorization.

After they examine the data we send them, they will decide to pay or not to pay for your orthodontic treatment. We will notify you of their decision and then schedule an appointment to begin treatment.

Medi-Cal does NOT pay for TMJ/TMD treatment.